Here's a Dumb Idea...

Here’s A Dumb Idea…

You know, over the years I’ve had a lot of really dumb “brilliant ideas”.

Brilliant ideas are unique, exciting, often big and/or revolutionary, and many times would really work if properly executed upon.

That’s the thing: ideas aren’t as valuable as they used to be. The information-age has made is possible for everyone to have great ideas (and most do). Execution is now the “juice” of innovation.

Non-actionable ideas are dumb ideas. They can’t be executed upon. Regardless of how brilliant an idea is, if my team and I can’t really get it done but we waste time dreaming and scheming and poking around with it – that’s a pretty dumb idea (even if it’s a brilliant idea).

Either we’re serious about executing upon an idea, and we’re willing to make the trade-offs/sacrifices necessary to make it happen…or we’re wasting time.

In my experience most dumb “brilliant ideas” are:

  • Hard to write down on paper (i.e. COMPLEX)
  • Hard to explain to the team without a lot of dialogue (i.e. FOREIGN)
  • Those that will require me to a) do most of the work myself,  or b) quickly bring in some new and amazing people to get it done (i.e. NOT A FIT for my current team’s capacity)

By contrast, then, smart “brilliant ideas” are those that are SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE, and a GOOD FIT for our team and vision.

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